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Time is of the Essence

The real estate market is constantly changing. At times there are some areas of the United States that are clearly a seller’s market with low inventory available to purchase. In these situations, there are often multiple offers on properties and superb negotiation skills are demanded to win. At times in other regions, it is a buyer’s market and there are a plethora of properties for the buyer to choose from. The professional Homes2USA team of REALTORS® knows the market intimately and is sensitive to the importance of timely responses and pending deadlines. We are here to assist you in understanding the pros and cons of each property to maximize your purchase value and long-term financial gain.

In all circumstances, time is of the essence. Purchase choices may be available today but not tomorrow. Depending on the real estate market, it can sometimes be a matter of hours in which you need to make a purchase decision. Therefore, we work with each of our clients so they are best prepared to take immediate action, if necessary, so they do not miss a real estate opportunity.

Once you are under contract, time is of the essence to meet specified deadlines outlined in the contract. For example, if you miss the close of escrow date, it is possible that you may be required to pay interest for the extended days beyond the specified purchase contract deadline.

To accommodate seamless transactions and client communication, we proactively work with our clients to notify them of upcoming deadlines in the purchase transaction. We also engage with clients by their preferred form of communication – phone, email, text, Skype – when it is most convenient for them, based on their geographical location.